When there is a line rising from Moon mount and reaching Saturn mount [Fig 9], the person rises in the life with the help of others. This line can also be called as the line of success or line of brilliancy. 10. (C) 6. Such persons with the line of Moon on the palm have dangers from a voyage. Types of Hand in Palmistry: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Mixed Hands! Sometimes while swimming they face death-like hindrances due to the ill effects of the Line of Moon. It is related to the artistic or imaginative activities such as romance, creative temperament, poetry, journey, alteration of scenery, etc. Branches that rise upwards on the head line signify effort, actual events or outcomes. The heart line basically helps to predict your relationships and emotions. the Mount of Moon is observed at the bottom of your palm under the finishing line of the Head Line. Tagged branch from mount of moon touching fate line, fate line, hand reading, luck line, palm reading, ... Palmistry-astrology.com is an online encyclopedia of palmistry. But such individuals are simple, gentle and sober type. Click on the image to see predictions. Let us now observe the fingers separately from the rest of the hand. However, the line might be shorter and in that case, it usually begins from a … Such a person is very sensitive and romantic soul remains. The intuition line rarely touches the heart line and head line. One of the most mysterious and unpredictable energy - is Moon hill, which is located on the hand in humans and in Palmistry means not been fully disclosed human talent. According to the art of palmistry this line is considered very important on a person's palm. Moon Mount - Palminstry. (A) 5. The heart line on your palm, the one that originates from the base of the little finger can apparently tell you a whole lot of things about you. Such a person relies more on his own mind, and sometimes by a person can expect non-standard action or manifestation of selfishness. Home > Palistry > moon mount. Palmistry | Astrology | Horoscope | Numerology | Tarot | More. It also represents wealth from ladies, either from mother or wife. According to Indian vedic palmistry, Fate line occupies important place in deciding the job, business, career and earnings of a native. In such a situation man thanks to your imagination can achieve good results in their careers and to improve the financial situation. It is strongly convex hill Moon in Palmistry means at human existents creative imagination. If this finger is unusually long and nearly equals the second, all thesetendencies are extremely pronounced. A triple Girdle of Venus virtually occupying the place of the Line of Heart and starting with a big star on the MOUNt of Jupiter. In spite of being a lowborn and leading an ordinary life, such persons are able to reach to the height of their career. In palmistry is considered to be a bad sign if the life line bifurcates and joins the hill Moon. Often for such a person financial situation or the money will play a major role in life and in order to achieve their cherished goal, these people can commit vile actions. Fate line is useful in judging the career ups and downs. It takes almost the configuration of a semicircle from the bottom of the Mount of Mercury to the Mount of Moon. This line indicates the ability of intuition. It is one of the three major lines on palm beside Heart Line & Head Line. Palmistry accepts whatever science explains about simian lines. If the line of the moon passes through the palm and is connected with the line of the heart, such a person rely more on intuition than on his own mind. You can match palm lines with the picture and see what it says about future. Fate line in both the palms is observed to assess that when one can get a permanent job, promotion, changes in the career, and the earning graph. Sun line begins from the upper part of the Mount of Moon and ends on the Mount of moon. Infect in palmistry Mount of moon really influence any individual, as it makes imaginative, artistic, and emotional and a lover of beauty which is really important. This line starts from the bracelet or the mount of moon and reaches the regions of Mercury in the farm of a bow.